So this is what defence looks like.

To thunderous applause from the members of the German Bundestag, Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on 27 February the special fund of 100 billion euros with which the Bundeswehr is to be upgraded. The much-mentioned so-called "turn of the times" was what would make this special fund necessary and Russia's war against Ukraine would be used as a pretext. Scholz and consorts kept talking about having to defend democracy. Now, in joint negotiations with the CDU, the government has decided to divide up the special assets. But what is planned has little to do with defence.

The area in which the most is to be invested is the air force. 40.9 billion euros are to be invested. At least 4 billion euros will go towards the purchase of the F-35 fighter jet, which is currently considered the most powerful weapon in the world. The fighter jet is capable of carrying various weapons systems, including nuclear weapons. For the FRG, however, it is primarily of interest because of the NATO concept of nuclear sharing. Already in the coalition agreement, the German government stated: "We will accompany the procurement and certification process with regard to Germany's nuclear sharing objectively and conscientiously." By meeting NATO's so-called 2 per cent target, the FRG is making itself a candidate for the use of Yankee nuclear weapons. With the F-35 fighter jet, they are buying a possibility for the use of these nuclear weapons. All this despite the fact that, according to the "Two Plus Four Treaty" of 1990, the FRG is not allowed to possess nuclear weapons, let alone use them. It says: "The Governments of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic reaffirm their renunciation of the production and possession of, and power of disposal over, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. They declare that the united Germany will also abide by these commitments."

The navy and the land forces are to receive 19.3 and 16.6 billion euros respectively. Again, there is hardly any mention of defensive weapons. For the armed forces at sea, type 130 corvettes, F126 frigates and the 212 CD hunting submarine are to be purchased. In addition, multi-purpose combat boats are to be added to the navy's repertoire. For the land forces, new tanks are to be purchased above all. These are to replace the Marder tank. Retrofits of the Puma infantry fighting vehicle are to be financed.

The purchase list of the German armed forces shows one thing very clearly: it is not about "defending", it is about strengthening the attack capacities of the German army. Why else would it need f-35 fighter jets, state-of-the-art tanks or fighter submarines? The German imperialists are massively rearming their army with the aim of becoming an imperialist superpower again, as they once were in the 1930s and 1940s.