Since the 5th of January the states’ prosecutor office is investigating the Green Partys’ management board for embezzlement. In this case the Green Party paid itself an illegal „Coronabonus“.

The Green management board which then consisted of Annalena Baerbock, Robert Habeck, Michael Kellner, Jamila Schäfer, Ricarda Lang and their federal treasurer Marc Urbatsch paid themselves and everyone working at their federal office a bonus of 1500€ in the year 2020. Now that is became an object of public scruntinty and even though a speaker for the Green party affirmed that „from the view of everyone involved“ the management board had every right to decide this, they paid back the bonus to limit damages. When a clique of criminals steals money for their own profit, then of course the profiteers think that is fine. It is the same with this administration and its parties, which at the end of the day are only corrupt cliques representing different factions of the large bourgeoisie.

It should come to no surprise that this comparatively small case of corruption happened in one of the ruling parties under the leadership of the Godfather of Hamburg. Even though this is just „peanuts“ in comparison to the crimes of this Gangster, this case still needs to be brought to light and the bourgeois parties have to be exposed for their crimes.

It should be noted, that dubious bonuses are nothing new to Baerbock. For example she failed to declare the sum of 25.220,28€ which she got in bonuses from 2018 to 2020 in time and only did so in March 2021.