On the 18th of June, there was a manifestation for the day of the revolutionary prisoners and revolutionary prisoners of war. It was called upon by the Alliance against imperialistic aggression. The manifestation was held in front of Peruvian embassy, representation of the Peruvian reaction in Hamburg, to make a statement against imperialism and repression which the old states are using more and more against the struggle of the masses.

At the manifestation, the freedom of all revolutionary prisoners and revolutionary prisoners of war was demanded and solidarity with the struggles, especially in Latin-america, but also in Palestine was expressed.

Kundgebung 190621 Hamburg1.cleaned

Within the revolutionary activists, there were also comrades from Latin-america participating. They informed especially about the situation in Columbia and denounced the columbine government for the attacks against the columbine people.

The comrade Georges Ibrahim Abdallah was highlighted, who is imprisoned since 1984 by the french reaction. Because he pushed forward the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom. In the speeches and on the banners, it was demanded to defend the life of Chairmen Gonzalo, leader of the International Communist Movement and of the Communist Party of Peru. The Chairmen is locked away since 29 years in total isolation on the marine-base Callao.

Kundgebung 190621 Hamburg2

At the same time, the fallen heros of the peruvian revolution were remembered, who were massacred on the 19th of June 35 years ago. Shortly before, uprisings of the revolutionary prisoners and revolutionary prisoners of war in the Peruvian prisons erupted: with unbreakable heroism, the Peruvian comrades struggled in the prisons against their liquidation, planned by Peruvian reaction. From this heroism we need to take an example and continue to develop the struggle for freedom of the revolutionary prisoners and revolutionary prisoners of war. We also have to struggle that the status of the revolutionary prisoners of war is accepted as such.