On Thursday the 13th of May, about 1500 people gathered in the centre of Bremen to protest against the occupation of Palestine and the renewed attacks by the Israeli state

. Many young people in particular were there, waving Palestine flags and holding up signs demanding an end to the occupation and expulsion. Slogans such as "Freedom for Palestine" and "Genocidal Israel" were repeatedly shouted, and there was dancing and singing.

Palästina Kundgebung Bremen Mai 2021 II

Because of the masses of protesters rushing into the square, the police had to dismantle the barriers that had been erected. Nevertheless, the Bremen police did not allow themselves to not harass the rally: In addition to an excessive number of forces demonstratively positioning themselves at the entrance to the rally, the police broke up the meeting about 30 minutes before the end with the pretext of a violation of infection control - allegedly in consultation with the registrant. In addition, the people who did not leave the square or the surrounding area immediately were threatened several times over the loudspeakers by the police that measures would be taken against them if they did not comply with distance and mask regulations - after all, they would no longer be protected by the right of assembly.

Despite the harassment, it was clear to the participants that they will continue to take to the streets and continue to fight for freedom for Palestine.