The Minister of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg, Strobl, has proposed to send all people with corona infection or suspected of having it to a special hospital if they do not stay at home. A former lung clinic in St. Blasien in the Black Forest is supposed to be used as a closed institution for this purpose.

He refers to paragraph 30 of the Infection Protection Act, according to which infected people and people suspected of being infected may be "forcibly segregated". In other words, they can be imprisoned.

Because of Corona, the Bundeswehr is allowed to monitor the population in some places in order to trace chains of infection. After the fact that even today people are still being sentenced according to paragraphs that were created in order to fight the RAF, we know that once the state has gained new powers, it will not give them up so quickly. One needs to bear that in mind when they talk about new ways of arresting people.

Even if what Strobel said does not really have hand and foot yet, it is used to pave the way. Uli Sckerl, deputy faction leader of the Greens doesn't think this is necessary. After all there already is the possibility of fining people.

The SPD politician Rainer Hinderer says that if fines are of no use, harder state means must be in place. He thinks that harder measures won't hurt.