As in the previous year, there was an anti-colonial rally on Berlin Hermannplatz at October 10th. The focus was on the struggles of the oppressed people of Latin America, especially the indigenous population.

There were speeches and banners in Spanish, Portuguese and German. Under the catchphrase colonialism, resistance was called against imperialism, including the German one. The appeal reads: “Today, in October 2020, we denounce colonialism, because we see more than ever that it is not only a past historical period, but also violent structures and practices with which the elites of the Global North oppress the peoples of the Global South. ” In this sense, the imperialist aggression against Venezuela was denounced in the process of the rally. In addition, the popular uprisings in Ecuador and Chile last year were upheld and the role of the indigenous population, i.a. the Mapuche, stressed. The repression of the Brazilian masses by imperialism with the help of Bolsonaro's lackey government was also mentioned. Slogans were shouted against Bolsonaro and also "Hoch die internationale Solidarität" (~“Up the international solidarity”). DemVolkeDienen reported in the past on all these struggles and the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations that fought - and continue to fight - on the front line in them.


The rally was marked by many small groups from the Latin American diaspora, who in clear terms attacked the oppression of their countries by imperialism. Fortunately, there was little evidence of revisionist attempts at appropriation. At the peak, 120 people took part in the rally. Unfortunately, there was little noticeable mobilization in advance.