On September 30 the police laws in Baden Württemberg were again tightened. Since 2017 they are already some of the strictest in the FRG with the quasi endless detention for "dangerous persons" without ever having to prove a criminal offence.

To control the masses even more completely, body cams are now to be used in private premises. These recordings can be stored indefinitely. The justifiable riots in Stuttgart, which broke out after racist bullying, are being used as justification. Had the new laws already been in place, they would not have had to switch off their cameras inside the looted stores. This is even against the constitution, which states that the private residence is inviolable. But if the constitution restricts the state in its ability to rule, it is often interpreted in a creative way or rather simply ignored. The current development in this question is thus also an expression of the increasing fascist tendency in the FRG.

Even Andreas Nachbaur, a professor from the police academy, sees this development critically and admits that it partly violates the constitution. Nevertheless he wants to teach it and confirms himself as a lackey of the reaction.