In the following we document the translation and video of the Mexican comrades mobilising for a series of regional events called the "Workshops for Ideological and Political Formation", that are soon to take place in a number of places.

The Workshops for Ideological and Political Formation 2019 are coming!

The Workshops for Ideological and Political Formation [Spanish: Talleres de Formación Ideológica y Política (TFIP)] are workshops that are realized in a regular way in the Communities, schools, Barrios, centers of work, etc. and have loacal, regional and statewide modalities.

In this occassion, the Sol Rojo militants are getting read for phase of the regional round of the TFIP.

The objective of the TFIP are:

I. Strengthen the ideological conception and political line of our organization.

II. Strengthen the working method of our organs of leadership and the mass line.

III. Advance in the process of formation of leadership cadres and promotion of new cadres on all levels.

IV. Qualify our ranks in all their structures.

V. Strengthen the national route to the constitution of the People's Front.

Without revolutionary theory, there is no revolutionary practice!
The people and only the people are the driving force that makes world history!

May the workers rule the country!
With the Sol Rojo, the people will win!

Current of the People Sol Rojo
TFIP 2019