On February 14, there were determined fights against the state and patriarchy during a demonstration against feminicide in Mexico City, .

The catalyst was the murder of the young woman Diana Velazquez Florencio by her boyfriend, through the brutality of this act she attained symbolic character and stands exemplarily for the development in Mexico, the rate of murders of women has more than doubled in the last years. In 2019 more than 4000 murders of women were registered.

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Revolutionary women gathered outside the National Palace, sprayed the walls with slogans and tried to set fire to doors. The Undersecretary of the Government of Mexico City, Arturo Medina, tried to calm the masses and was also sprayed with paint and got attacked.

Later, hundreds of women gathered at the so-called "Antimonumenta", a monument erected by activists on the site where Diana Velazquez Florencio was murdered. From there they moved towards a large newspaper publisher, this and others had exploited the murder for their cheap headlines. On the way, a press vehicle was attacked and set on fire. The police used tear gas to force the protesters back.

From there they moved on towards the monument "El Ángel de la Independencia". On the way a bus station was stormed and the public transport was paralyzed. Several company buildings on the main street "Paseo de la Reforma" were also attacked. Near "El Ángel de la Independencia" there was renewed fighting against the police as demonstrators began to tear down barricades previously set up by the security forces.

But patriarchy is not a phenomenon of the oppressed nations, it is an integral and necessary part of the capitalist economy. In the imperialist countries, patriarchy is only better hidden. The struggle against patriarchy means struggle against imperialism, means people's war.