We publish an unnoficial translation of an important statement made by Peru People´s Movement.




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In two notes that came up in The New York Times newspaper, in September 8, 2018, entitled: “Trump Administration Discussed Coup Plans With Rebel Venezuelan Officers” and “Venezuela Accuses U.S. of Plotting Coup Against Maduro” respectively, the newspaper covers the conversations held by the United States government functionaries with military officers that were planning a state coup in Venezuela against N. Maduro.

The pretext that is sustained by the high functionaries of the Yankee imperialist government, which means the Trump government, are the same with which they are developing its intervention in all the planes in the internal affairs of Venezuela, which means its concern with the situation of democracy in this country, the torture of the opposer to the regime, the arrest of hundreds of political prisoners, the wounding of thousands of civilians, traffic, etc, the humanitarian crisis in the country and its spread to the other countries in the region (the problem of the refugees).

All these are only shameless pretext from the top representatives of Yankee imperialism, which as sole hegemonic superpower and world great counterrevolutionary gendarme, who acts in its backyard together with the reactionary governments of Latin America to repress the struggle of the proletariat and the peoples of the oppressed nations of Latin America in order to maintain its semicolonial and semifeudal situation, where a bureaucratic capitalism develops serving imperialism, principally Yankee, which is the principal imperialism that oppresses our peoples. And does it by all means by blood and fire, impulsing “democratic” governments of fascist governments according to convenience, through state coups and, when this is not possible, through direct intervention, just as the last hundred years of the history of Latin America has witnessed.

Yankee imperialism, sole hegemonic superpower and principal enemy of the peoples of the world, is deepening and widening its domination over the oppressed nations of our continent, in all fields economic, political, educational, military, etc. It has put forward agreements that allows them to intervene in the internal affairs of our countries I order to do so.

One example of it, among many other, are the agreements at the level of the OEA like the “Democratic Letter”, the continental meetings and statements of “struggle against corruption and organized crime”, against “terrorism”, against “drug trafficking”, the impulse to change all the legal systems of all countries of Latin America, for them to adopt the accusing penal system with the preeminence of the prosecutors in all the process. Providing training to judges and prosecutors through its Institute of Judicial Studies of the Justice Department of Puerto Rico, providing the police that is responsible for anticorruption combat with training and equipment for electronic tapping, while submitting these “anticorruption” police bodies and prosecutors to its direct command; thus it monitors the functionaries of the different countries through these tapping and with the posterior spreading through the media monopolies to impulse the change of functionaries and governments of the different countries into other that better suits their interests.

Through the economic and financial domination of all countries of the region, it imposes sanctions and limitations when it strikes against governments, functionaries and companies of the countries where Yankee imperialism put effort to change functionaries or governments for other that are more convenient to US interests. With the instruments of the IMF, World Bank, IDB, ECLAC it imposes their economic policies like the cut in social security, cut in subsides, that serves their famous plans of combat to poverty like the so called conditioned help to justify the imperialist exploitation of the natural resources and of the proletariat, the dispossession of communal land, spread consumerism and bank-isation of the poorest.

Yankee imperialism impulses its plans of privatization of education in all levels and establish a “plan of scholarships” to justify its plans of suppression of public and free education to benefit its big monopolies that has tentacles in the education business of US and Latin America and with bureaucratic capitalism at its service.

However, all this system with which they are clinching the nodes of its domination over our countries are not enough, not even the Mutual Defense Assistance Act, MDAA, which all the countries of Latin America are part of since after the World War II, together with the American armies altogether and joint army maneuvers and all this is not enough.

This is why since the beginning of the 90s of the last century until today they are establishing a whole “New Defense System in the Western Hemisphere”, divided in a North Command of the USA Army, which will incorporate the Armed Forces of the countries of Latin America that ranges from the south of Mexico to Patagonia. As part of what is in motion from this plan they were deploying the military forces of Yankee imperialism by sea, rivers and land with a whole system of military bases.

This deployment aims to subject all the Armed Forces of the continent to Yankee military command, the North Command and the South Command. In the north they have already advanced including the Mexican Armed Forces in the North Command and in Latin America they are advancing by deploying military bases while incorporating the Armed Forces of Colombia to OTAN and with the South Command Seminars, counting with the participation of representatives of the Armed Forces of some countries of the region, which last year was held in Lima and in this year will be held in Buenos Aires. The Yankees have already set a precedent, which we have already denounced on the opportunity, which was the joint intervention force in Haiti. The first note of The New York Times addressed the following:

“In its statement, the White House called the situation in Venezuela ‘a threat to regional security and democracy’ and said that the Trump administration would continue to strengthen a coalition of 'Ike-minded, and right-minded, partners from Europe to Asia to the Americas to pressure the Maduro regime to restore democracy in Venezuela.’”

It is clearer in the second note of the newspaper:

“’If you don’t like the idea of the U.S. talking to the military, then what do you propose?’ said Richard N. Haass, a former top State Department official in the George W. Bush administration who is now the president of the Council on Foreign Relations.
He said that while he did not support a coup, the region should consider a ‘Latin American coalition of the willing,’ an alliance of Venezuela’s neighbors created for a possible regional military intervention, similar to the United States’ invasion of Iraq.”

It is clear that the current situation in Venezuela, the failure of N. Maduro regime, a representative of the bureaucratic fraction of the big bourgeoisie, is used as a pretext by Yankee imperialism to carry forward its plans of military intervention, solely or jointly, to dominate the oil and overthrow N. Maduro and replace him with a reactionary who is more loyal to its interests.

But that's not all, the so-called "New Defense Structure of the Western Hemisphere" and the military deployment of Yankee imperialism aims to defend its status as the sole hegemonic superpower at world level, because Latin America, as its backyard, is the strategic base for its hegemony and Yankee imperialism, as a great gendarme, points directly against the development of the revolution of a new democracy in our continent. In some cases, its action as a great gendarme seeks to annihilate the ongoing People's War and the preventive action in other cases, that is, through the coup d'état led directly by them to annihilate revolution in its cradle, as they have been plotting in Brazil.

Yankee imperialism seeks to annihilate the People's War in Peru, which since 1980 the PCP has been developing under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, and which has never ceased. Yankee imperialism aims against the rising of the masses in all Latin America, like the one that is taking place in Brazil, where the CPB (RF) advances in the reconstitution of the CPB, in concretizing the vanguard of the proletariat of this country, a process that is also being developed in Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and other countries. A process of constitution or reconstitution of the CP that has to be assumed by the Maoists in Venezuela.

A great opportunity to reconstitute its CP has been presented to the Venezuelan proletariat, because it is a necessity, the proletariat of this country represented by its vanguard has to strive to lead the armed struggle to oppose the military intervention of imperialism if it occurs, but whatever the situation, the Maoist revolutionaries in Venezuela must put themselves at the head of the struggle of the masses and struggle to lead it against imperialism, semi-feudality and bureaucratic capitalism and, in the midst of it, constitute or reconstitute their party, to transform this armed struggle into a People's War, in the case of military intervention of imperialism, or, in the case it was not produced, start the People's War to make the revolution. The proletariat, represented by its CP, must initiate and develop the People's War, with military intervention of imperialism or without it, to make the revolution of a new democracy.

In addition, we must not neglect that Yankee imperialism is going through a serious crisis as an expression of its own collapse and sweep away, which is why it is also clear that it intends to take advantage of the situation in Venezuela to internally establish order and gain positions abroad and this is why it fuels the conflict. The collusion and struggle between Yankee imperialism, the sole hegemonic superpower (the fat dog), and Russia, the atomic superpower (the skinny dog), and other powers is also expressed on its development, and in this situation the collusion is expressed as principal, but the struggle underlies and is expressed.

The slogan for support to the Venezuelan people is good, we have to spread it; We have never raised Maduro, but he is being attacked and the action of Yankee imperialism is to arrogantly intervene in the internal affairs of Venezuela and it threatens with its plans for military invasion; an invasion based on a "joint intervention"; Venezuela is an oppressed nation, they are plans of imperialist aggression; what the United States intends to apply is an occupation of the Venezuelan people, Yankee imperialism destroys peoples and acts as a gendarme; Yankee imperialism must be called a great gendarme and the principal enemy of the peoples of the world, because it is.

It is justified and necessary to support the Venezuelan people and we must mobilize the masses with the slogan "Yankees go home!” We must do all kinds of actions in support of the Venezuelan people and against the plans of Yankee imperialism against the deep people, let us sow anti-imperialism.

Yankees, out from Venezuela and Latin America! Let us support the Venezuelan people! As Chairman Gonzalo told us in the case of Iraq: beautiful are the words of the proletariat and the people.

With such a powerful and highly sophisticated war material, Yankee imperialism has only conquered failure since after the Second World War and it is bogged down in the Expanded Middle East, so, on this occasion, it is also good to remember what Chairman Gonzalo told us: the weapon is not the principal, the question is which idea arms the arm, ideology is the weapon of victory, so Lenin taught us and comes from Marx; we have, then, a strict Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought position.

Yankees go home!

Yankees, out from Venezuela and Latin America!

Let us support the Venezuelan people!

Peru People`s Movement (Reorganization Committee)