In recent days militant actions were carried out in Chile’s capital Santiago targeting the administrative body organizing the elections, the “Servicio Electoral de Chile” (Servel), and boldly organizing the masses to abstain from the elections on the upcoming weekend. Instead of taking part in the elections revolutionary forces are organizing a demonstration set to take place on the 19th of November, the very same day as the elections.

With the Presidential, National Congress and Regional Board elections only a few days ahead, revolutionary forces in Chile increased the level of activities carried out against the elections, directly attacking the state and the body organizing the elections. In a letter claiming responsibility for two attacks against offices of Servel, the Anti-electoral Assembly of Central and South Santiago states:

"Today, on November the 14th, we have carried out a sabotage action against the well known Electoral Service (SERVEL) and its two offices located in Central Santiago. [...]

For many decades now we are observing that things do not change, that only the people, through demonstrations of strength and organization on the streets, have the force to earn small portions of the rights that are taking away from them. [...]

The people only advance through struggle, not through the electoral farce!"

Attack on Servel Attack on Servel
Attack on Servel Attack on Servel


Another militant agitation and propaganda action took place on the 10th of November in front of the Pedagogical Institute. Erecting a burning barricade on the streets and holding a banner, activists mobilized to the revolutionary demonstration taking place on the 19th instead of take part in the elections.


Barricade Barricade