In the east a well attended, in accordance with local conditions, lecture was given in Weimar . Different propaganda actions were carried out in Berlin and a contingent of the Red Women's Committee Berlin took part in the big demo on March 8th. Despite the very "liberal" character of the demonstration, the comrades made a class struggling contribution.

Berlin 8 Maerz 2020



In the north, the Red Women's Committees Bremen and Hamburg focused on Bremen to make a clear mark at the demonstration in Bremen about how the proletarian women's movement is developing in the city. A particularly positive result of participating in the demo was the spontaneous participation of comrades in the block, which can make a good contribution to the further successful development of the Red Women's Committee in Bremen. A contingent of the Red Women's Committee Hamburg also participated in the big demo in Hamburg and after a massive propaganda campaign in the proletarian neighborhoods, the comrades made new contacts. Above all, they told a very warming anecdote: The comrades have seen it several times that the masses did not want to accept another leaflet, but when the comrades said that proletarian feminism was at stake, the mases accepted it with warmth.

Bremen 8 Maerz 2020 1

Bremen 8 Maerz 2020 2



In the south, the comrades took part in the big demonstration in Freiburg with a powerful block. Above all, this is a clear sign that proletarian revolutionaries are also organizing in the south of the FRG, and that Red Women's Committees will almost certainly also be set up there.

Freiburg 8 Maerz 2020 1

Freiburg 8 Maerz 2020 2

Freiburg 8 Maerz 2020 3