In the beginning of this week, mass militant struggles took place against the police in the Danish capitol of Copenhagen. In the following, we document a report from the comrades in Denmark:
On the night of Sunday the 14th of April to Monday the 15th, the masses in Northern Copenhagen erupted in a spontaneous revolt, which began as a militant protest against the fascist provocateur Rasmus Paludan, but quickly turned into anti-police riots.
2019 Denmark Riots 2
Rasmus Paludan is a well-known Danish fascist, who has made it his mission to harass the deepest and broadest masses, specifically Muslim masses, in their own neighborhoods. He had planned a one-man "demonstration" in the proletarian neighborhood Mjølnerparken, in the proletarian district of Nørrebro. However, the masses had prepared a surprise for police coming to the area the night before. The bourgeois newspaper Information writes: "Around 01:00, police received a report that a group of youths were jumping on the roof of a car. When the police shortly thereafter arrived at the scene, nobody was to be seen. The officers went to the car to investigate it, before getting back in the patrol car. Seconds later, the car exploded only a few metres away from the officers. ... Copenhagen Police is working with a theory that explosives were fastened to the bottom of the car."
This incident resulted in Rasmus Paludan being unable to provoke the masses in Mjølnerparken, and he moved his "demonstration" to the proletarian neighborhood Blågården, also in Nørrebro. The masses quickly reacted. According to Danish state news: "... [Paludan] was attacked by counter-protesters. Police transported the politician away from Nørrebro, but then the riots turned against police. Around 200 people participated in the disturbances at Blågården, where they threw bricks, fireworks and set fires. ... Tear gas was used against demonstrators, and civil police drew their guns, which were not fired" (according to police -- several masses reported hearing gunshots) "According to police, it was primarily "the unintegrated youths of the area and people with gang relations" as well as their cohorts." This is clearly an attempt by police to paint black the justified rebellion of the masses.
"The disturbances spread to other parts of Copenhagen, including Christianshavn by Christiania. The police has been present in large amount several places in the capital, where cars were burned at Nørrebro, North West, Christianshavn and Amager." (The Northern and Eastern parts of the city.)
2019 Denmark Riots 1
23 masses were arrested by police. One police officer was sent to the hospital after being attacked with bricks. Masses reported seeing police cars with tear gas cannons, cars made to clear barricades, police helicopters and much more. The masses fought fiercely with rockets and bricks, with more and more arriving every minute, and it is untrue that it was mainly "gangs" or the regular anti-fascists. Many proletarian youths especially participated.
The revisionists and other politicians have shown their class nature by condemning "both sides" and by discouraging the use of revolutionary violence by the masses. This revolt clearly shows that the masses are willing to struggle, with violence if necessary, for their demands: to not be harassed by fascists or police, and for an end to the reactionary violence of the Danish state.
As always: It is right to rebel!
2019 Denmark Riots 4