We publish an english translation of a declaration as well as a video and pictures of Revolutionärer Aufbau BRD (Revolutionary Construction FRG):


People’s War until Communism!

The G20 Summit is over. Still people are behind bars and have to struggle with trials, repression and severe injuries. This summer has proven once again, that there are people, in the FRG as well as on the whole world, who bring their hatred against the dominant system on the streets and are ready to fight. For us as communists, this is where we have to tie in. For this an organisation is needed, that gives the rebellion the correct direction: the Communist Party of a new type. A Party which organises unifies and leads the struggles of the masses. A Party which does not wheedle the masses into voting, but is arms them with the correct critique of relations. A Party which gives the masses the reasoning and then the weapons in hands. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Because this state is an apparatus of violence with weapons, money and allies, and to defeat it, revolutionary violence is required. The People’s War is a protracted struggle out of inferiority against an superior enemy. The correct strategy can only be developed in close bond with the masses. The struggle can only be led and finally be won with a broad support.

G20 is over – we still fight!


Revolutionaerer Aufbau BRD Volkskrieg bis zum Kommunismus 1
Revolutionaerer Aufbau BRD Volkskrieg bis zum Kommunismus 2
Revolutionaerer Aufbau BRD Volkskrieg bis zum Kommunismus 3