The comrades of the Tribune of the People have published an important statement condemning the persecution of three persons who participated in the mass-uprisings in the United States, sparked of by the lynching of a Black man, by the a Joint Task force of the Austin Police Department and FBI. The whole statement can be read in English here.

We consider it of important that comrades all over the world raise their voice and take action to defend the three who are now being targeted by Yankee-imperialism in the United States itself. The “Targeted Three” are being described, the the organs of repression, as the politically most advanced part of the nationwide protests and therefore they are symbolic for the movement as a whole and particularly for  its perspective and further development. To defend them is at the same time to defend the tens of thousands of protesters who during the last weeks have being assaulted, manhandled, tortured, detained and persecuted for standing up against the Yankee-imperialist fighting its rotten racist system of oppression and exploitation, particularly defending the rights of Black people. The struggle of the people in the United States are part of the world proletarian revolution and those persecuted there are part of the persecuted by imperialism all over the world.

Defend Austin’s Targeted Three!

Yankee-Pigs hands of the struggling people!

It’s right to rebel!

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