30 years after the arson attack in Solingen on May 28, 1993, a child died in a burning refugee camp in Apolda, Thuringia last Sunday.


A nine-year-old Roma boy from Ukraine died, at least ten people were injured and meanwhile there is criticism of the fire brigade. It is said to have taken up to thirty minutes until the rescue workers have arrived. Although the vast majority of circumstances have not yet been resolved, a connection with an arson attack from past year in Apolda is being excluded.


However, the reactionaryzation of the state and the fascist tendency, which is driven primarily by the AfD, suggest exactly this conclusion. Just only changed according to - empirically not waterproof - opinion polls the mood in the country in such a way that the AfD, together with the SPD, reaches 2nd place on the question of who would be elected if there are now federal elections.


While Mafioso Chancellor Scholz is swadding of "bad mood parties", he also explains the development with uncertainties in a "time of upheavals". Then he hits the nail on the head. Just like Friedrich Merz does it when he accuses the governing coalition of "nourishing" the AfD.


Because what is going on there is exactly a form of handling the system crisis of German imperialism. Parliamentarianism, revisionism and opportunism sink deeper and the state, which is now managed by the “Ampel”, needs alternative alternatives. These people would not prefer fascism to bourgeois democracy, but in the case, this is a card that the rulers must be able to put on. For maintaining their dictatorship. That is why people burn and that's why the AfD has their current high.