Around 1,500 participants gathered in Leipzig on Saturday afternoon for the demonstration "Freedom of assembly also applies in Leipzig". The gathering initially remained peaceful, but then escalated. Although a fixed demonstration route had been promised in a conversation beforehand, this was then denied.


Even bourgeois parties were critical of the behavior of the authorities, spoke of a blatant violation of fundamental rights, called the police measures disproportionate and unworthy of a state under the rule of law.



 The whole video can be found here.


However, the demonstrators did not put up with this without contradiction: Several officers were hit and injured by stones and other projectiles, a police spokesman claimed.



During the course of the evening, Saxony police reported groups of several hundred people giving vent to their displeasure in Leipzig. In the area of Connewitzer Kreuz and Wiedebachpassage, a police station was pelted with stones, barricades were built and they were set on fire. With the onset of night, the police reported "gatherings of apparently violent people", burning barricades and also defense of these against attempts to extinguish them, repeatedly attacks on the police in the south of Leipzig.