On March 7, another general strike was held against the planned pension reforms. Masses of millions took part. It was the sixth action of its kind. Proletarian revolutionaries took part in the activities in various forms.

The Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire and the newly formed People's Women's Committee took part in a March 7 demonstration that brought together some 70,000 people, for a determined march that managed to push back the police several times!

The Jeunesse Révolutionnaire from Limoges, Paris and Clermontferrand participated in blockade actions and the March 7 demonstrations. In Paris, they participated in the blockade of the Lycée Henri Wallon and then in the demonstration, carrying militant slogans! In Limoges, one could see an impressive red top of the demonstration procession, led by the youth, Cause du Peuple and FSE Limoges. The comrades also unfurled a large banner!

In Saint-Étienne, activists from the Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire and the CGT Privés d'Emploi et Précaires were at the Bellevue market, mobilizing for the March 7 strike. In Grenoble, CPES activists joined the strike of workers in the neighborhoods of Villeneuve-Malherbe, as well as the demonstration march of residents, to make heard the anger of working-class neighborhoods against this reform.

In Caen and Rennes, the Jeunesse Révolutionnaire held a militant day on March 7! In Caen, comrades participated in student blockades in at the Charles de Gaulle and Laplace schools and then led a determined demonstration march of revolutionary youth!


Blockade des Busdepots in Aubervillers

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Blockade des Gymnasiums Lycée Charles de Gaulle in Caen

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