On November 25th the International Day Against Violence Against Women was marked in multiple places of the country. Kampkomiteen has shared reports of manifestations in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen and Kristiansand.

In Oslo on November 25th at a manifestation at the Osvald Monument candles were lit up and a banner was held up with the slogan ”Combat and resist!”.
Leaflets were distributed as well and a speech was held that spoke out against violence against women with emphasis on the violence and misery that Russian imperialism has inflicted upon the people, especially women, of Ukraine.
The speech also emphasised how the day commemorates the Mirabal sisters, that was murdered of the US backed dictatorship in the Dominican Republic in 1960 and how the Women’s Struggle is closely connected to the struggle against imperialism. The situation in Iran was also mentioned as a bright example of women resisting patriarchal oppression. After the manifestation Kampkomiteen marched with torches from Jernbanetorget to Eidsvolls plass, which was organised by various women’s organisations, among them Ottar and Kvinnefronten.

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In Trondheim Kampkomiteen and multiple other organisations marked the 25th of November in a marching demonstration from the 22nd of July Monument to the Tordenskioldsparken, where candles were arranged in the common symbol of women. Multiple speeches were held about the situation of women in Iran and the increase in killings and beatings of women and children.
After the manifestation the demonstration went around in the city center behind a banner with the slogan: “Combat violence against women!” through the streets chanting of slogans like “Women, life, freedom!”, “Crush the porno industry!”, “Stop violence against women!”, “No to the sale of women’s bodies!” and “Strike back, crush the patriarchy!” could be heard.

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In Bergen a manifestation was held at the Biblioteksplassen. The slogan was “Combat violence against women!” and speeches were held by Kampkomiteen, Revolutionære Kommunister and Miljøpartiet De Grønne.

Here is a section of the speech by Kampkomiteen:

Women have struggled and women are struggling. All over the world, women have risen again and again in powerful waves against the oppression of women. Today, the Iranian women shine as a sparkling light, in large popular protests against women's oppression and the entire reactionary regime in the country. In Mexico, women rise against the state's war against the people, and against escalating violence against women, culminating in "femicide", patriarchal killings of women. The heroic struggle and resistance are not just righteous, it is right, because it is the path to power and genuine equality."

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In Kristiansand Kampkomiteen organised a march with torches together with Fida internatisjonale kvinnegruppem Kvinnegrepet, Feminister I Agder, Latin-Amerikagruppene, Antirasistisk Agder, SU, RU, MDG, SV and Rødt. The march went through the centrum, among other slogans the slogans “combat violence against women!”, “Combat and resist!”, “Wave upon wave, blow upon blow, against imperialism and patriarchy!”, “Strike back, crush the patriarchy!”, “Up the international solidarity!”and “Women, life, freedom!” could be heard. After the march speeches were held by the various organisers of the demonstration.
Invitations to a film presentation together with Latin-Amerikagruppene and Kampkomiteen on December 9th was shared. The movies “In the Time of the Butterflies” about the Mirabal sisters will be shown.

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Faeroe Islands

On December 8th are the upcoming elections on the Faeroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are under the same type of government like Greenland, the so-called “Self Rule”, but also like Greenland is a de facto colony of Denmark and part of the “Danish Realm”.
A big topic in the country that are discussed is the right to abortion. Currently the Faeroe Islands still have the old Danish laws from 1956, which greatly limits the rights to abortion. If a women living on the Faeroe Islands wishes to get an abortion even if her life is “not threatened by the fetus” she would have to travel to Denmark, which puts a great economic barrier and makes abortions something not affordable to the deepest and broadest masses of the country. In practice right now women on the Faeroe Islands who needs an abortion often have to fabricate stories in order to get the doctor’s approval.

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“My body is not a political battlefield” the slogan of a women’s organisation called Fritt Val (Free Choice) which raises the demand of free abortions