Tuesday on May 31st Kampkomiteen in Oslo held a public meeting on the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the role of Zelensky and why it’s right to support the Ukrainian people against Russian imperialism. The meeting was followed by an open political discussion.


Saturday, May 28th activists from Kampkomiteen organised evenings where songs of class struggle were sung. These are regular occurrences in Kristiansand and in Oslo and are open for people who are interested in participating.


Saturday on May 28th more than 150 people took part in a demonstration against the chauvinistic SIAN on Eidsvolls Plass in Oslo. The police had spent enormous resources on keeping the SIAN people apart from the masses. The police tried to move the location and time of the SIAN demonstration with a short notice in order to prevent a proper counter demonstration from being formed. When the racist SIAN demonstration was over the anti-fascist demonstration continued their counterdemonstration and concluded it in front of the anti-nazi Osvald Monument on Jernbanetorget.


Also posters have been put up calling for demonstrations aginst the war of aggression by Russian imperialism launched against Ukraine.

The demonstrations take place in Oslo, Saturday June 11th and in Kristiansand Wednesday, June 15th.

Kampkomiteen has stated that a true anti-imperialist stance against the Russian aggression is largely lacking in Norway, with true resistance often falling to the support for the country-selling Zelensky-regime.

In Oslo there will also be poetry reading on Mestizo språk- og kultursenter.

And in Kristiansand a demonstration against the killing of women will be held on the same day of the before mentioned demonstration at 16:30.



Comrades went out on the streets in Southern Stockholm and distributued propaganda, advocating for marxist study circles and held agitating speeches.


On Saturday, June 4th in both Helsinki and Tampere demonstrations were held at the same time against Finland joining NATO.

In Helsinki around 60 people protested against NATO. Several police patrol cars were monitoring the protest. The police had demanded that at least 100 participants were needed to participate in the demonstration in order to it being allowed to march. However, it waived its demand.

Well off reactionary provocateurs tried to ridicule the demonstration and the revisionists inside the demonstration tried to dominate it by pushing pacifist ideas and focusing on ”domestic security” and pushing threats of Finland becoming a stage of war. However, under the influence of the revolutionary anti-imperialist contingent the masses in the demonstration adopted the slogans such as ”Down, down, down – imperialism down!” and ”NATO out of Iraq!”, ”NATO out of the Baltics!”, etc.


In Tampere around 30 people protested against NATO. The revolutionary anti-imperialists made up a significant contingent in the demonstration, which was also apparent to the masses watching the demonstration from the side lines.

Unlike in Helsinki the protest did not face fascist provocations in Tampere. There were some backwards well off people who tried to discourage the demonstration, but sympathetic people also approached the demonstration, encouraging it.