On the 15th of May on the occasion of the 74 year of al-Nakba, a demonstration was in support of the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation, also with a focus on the killing of a journalist in Jenin.

Proletarian Revolutionaries were present, with a banner reading in Danish: “Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!” and “Solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people!”. The police did not dare attack the demonstration like they did last year, and many masses, especially Palestinians, but also many others, showed up to show their support for the continuous struggle of the Palestinian people.






The 5th and 6th demonstrations against “Sian” were held in Arendal and Kristiansand, respectively. In Arendal the police blocked off large parts of the city center (blocking access to the town square, stores the library and a popular playground), the police had a strong presence with dogs and unmanned drones and all counter-demonstrators were searched. The state doing everything to ensure that a small groups of imperialist chauvinists, can be shielded from the wrath of the masses. They also argued for these measures, with the background of the recent protests in Sweden against another group of imperialist chauvinists, and due to the resistance against “Sian” on the 23rd of April in Sandefjord.

Further developments in the militarization of the Nordic Countries.

The closer integration of the imperialist Nordic countries into NATO continues, especially the “far-left” parties in the parliaments are closing ranks even further with imperialism. In Denmark the “Red-Green Alliance” (Enhedslisten), which is considered the most “left wing” party in the parliament, has at a conference on the 14th of May voted to give up its policy to leave NATO and the EU, and instead support it “in the current situation” and try to “change them from the inside”. Similarly in Norway the similar party “Red” (Rødt) has decided to not support Norway leaving NATO, because the territorial defence allegedly is not developed enough (!). The imperialists are closing their grip of what they consider acceptable opinions in their bourgeois-democratic system, now there are no left-wing parties left that officially support leaving NATO in Denmark and Norway, and the EU in Denmark, although both Rødt and Enhedslisten symbolically express that they want to leave NATO and/or EU in some undefined future, but just not now.

The currently non-NATO members, Sweden and Finland, are moving closer and closer to joining NATO. The Finnish government officially announced applying for membership on the 15th of May, and the ruling social-democrats in Sweden decided at a meeting on the 15th of May, to go forwards with a Swedish application to NATO as well. In Finland now even the “Left Alliance” (Vasemmistoliitto) are supporting joining NATO, but also symbolically says “Finland should continue to work actively for peace in Finland, Europe and the World (sic)”.