Comrades from Tjen Folket Media reports on multiple activities that have taken place for the 1st of May throughout Norway.

In Oslo the 1st of May, the international struggle day of the proletariat, was marked by a demonstration with an anti-imperialist block in a demonstration with other organisations, among them Kampkomiteen. When the demonstration ended the anti-imperialisk blok continued to march to ”Jernbanetorget”. Powerful slogans were chanted like: ”Russia. Nato, USA: hands off Ukraine!” and ”Up the international solidarity!”.


Posters calling for the anti-imperialist block on May 1st were put up around Oslo. The slogans on the read: ”Dow witg Russia’s war of agression towards Ukraine!”, ”Combat the expensive times strike for higher wages!”, ”Down with USA-imperialism!” and ”Cut down the electrical prices!”.


Multiple red flags with a hammer and sickle could be spottet around Oslo, particularly in proletarian neighbourhoods.



In Kristiansand Kamkomiteen marched with a red banner in a may 1st demonstration under the slogan: ”Combat and resist!”


Red flags with a hammer and a sickle were also report over the highway E39 in Vågsbygd and by a memorial site for the fallen of the workers movement during the Second World War, which is the meeting point of the 1st of May demonstration in Kristiansand.



In Bergen Tjen Folket Media reports that red flags with a hammer and sickle were put around the city center.


In Trondheim posters for May 1st were put up around the city centre. The posters read ”Out on the streets May 1st”, ”Workers and opressed in all countries, unite!”


In Lillesand red flags with a hammer and a sickle were put up in Sørlandet.


Poster in Lillesand poster mobilising for a demonstration against the fascist group of ”SIAN” on May 1st were put up in the city center.


In Vennesla red flags with a hammer and a sickle too has been put up as well af posters for the 1st of May.




After two years of thousands of workers and popular masses participated in a traditional march on the 1st of May in Helsinki. The march was organized by the Social-Democrats and the Left Alliance, both in government, together with the Central Organization of the Finnish Trade Unions and the Finnish Workers' Sports Federation, which are under their domination. The said parties in government have a determined commitment to make Finland a member of NATO, but there were several anti-NATO slogans in the march. There were also Revolutionary, antifascist and Strike solidarity slogans among others.

The Revolutionaries in Helsinki prepared the 1st of May with posters and putting up a flag with a hammer and Sickle in a proletarian neighborhood.

Also, we have been informed of posters in Helsinki, which use the slogans from the common declaration of the Norwegian and Finnish comrades. 






Revolutionaries took to the streets on May 1st in a demonstration in Stockhom. Red banners and red flags with hammers and sickles. The red banner had the slogan ”Construct the Communist Parti in the spirit of Persson!”.



Proletarian revolutionaries from Anti-Imperialist Collective and other organisations marched in a powerful anti-imperialist block on the May 1st march to Fælledparken.

The following slogans in were chanted from the block: ”Wave upon wave, blow upon blow – against imperialism and patriarchy!”, ”War against war, class against class – capital fears a united mass!”, ”Up the international solidarity!”, ”From the river to the sea Palestine shall be free!”, ”Long live Marx, long live Lenin, long live Mao Tsetung!”, ”Combat, resist raise the red flag!”.


After the demonstration entered Fælledparken the anti-imperialist block continued deeper into Fælledparken still chanting slogans and singing revolutionary songs with the masses cheering from the side line.


In Fælledparken proletarian revolutionaries then distributed leaflets against the imperialist war and the passing of the cost of the war down upon the working class.


Red flags with hammers and sickles as well as poster were reportedly put up around Copenhagen, especially in Fælledparken, the stop point of all May 1st demonstrations in the city.