Calling for a red May-day the Irish Socialist Republicans partook in different actions, one of which being an occupation.

To alleviate some of the hardships of the people, the Revolutionary Workers Union and other Socialist Republicans opened housing for those in need in Dublin. For this they occupied a house, that formerly used to be refuge, however it was closed by the Free State and the Salvation Army in recent years, who controlled the house after the death of the owner of the building, who stated that it should never be closed while homelessness remains an issue in Ireland. The building used to be a Seaman’s Institute and then a youth hostel. With the occupation it now has been reopened and renamed James Connolly House, in honour of the great Socialist Republican and Trade Unionist who was executed in 1916.

In remembrance of those suffering from homelessness and having died on the streets, willingly inflicted by imperialism and the free state, the Starry Plough was raised on half-mast on the roof of the building. Additionally banners calling for ‘Housing for the People’ and another one declaring ‘Open all Vacant Homes’ were hanged from the house.

james Connolly house 1

james Connolly house 2