We are documenting here a report from our comrades in Ireland.

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On Sunday January 30 AIA was part of a large Revolutionary Republican Bloc on the 50th Anniversary Bloody Sunday March in Derry. Bloody Sunday was a war crime sanctioned at the highest level of the British Government and Carried out by Britain’s parachute regiment.

The Revolutionary Republican bloc was led by a banner that read ‘We serve neither King nor Kaiser’ a slogan made famous by the Great Socialist Republican, James Connolly, while the Green Starry Plough, the flag of Connolly Irish Citizen Army featured prominently on the bloc.

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Those on the bloc has traveled From Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, Carlow, Kerry, Cork, Westmeath, Louth, Galway, Armagh, Donegal, Antrim and Derry showing the growing spread of Revolutionary Socialist Republicanism, as well as being joined by a number of international comrades.

50 years on from Bloody Sunday, Anti Imperialist Action Ireland assert that there is no British Justice in Ireland and that the struggle to remove British Imperialism from Ireland, for National Liberation And Socialist Revolution must continue until victory. If you are ready to play your part then join us today.

In the words of James Connolly, ‘The fight must go on!’.