Since last week, France has further tightened the state of emergency in the name of supposedly protecting the population from the corona virus. Now unvaccinated people are no longer allowed in restaurants, sports arenas or other public places. What was previously still possible to visit with a negative test result will now only open its doors to holders of the "vaccination passport".

France's President Macron recently made headlines by saying that he wanted to "piss off" the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. While he does not want to enforce compulsory vaccination, he does want to limit thesocial activities of the unvaccinated as much as possible. Last weekend, more than 100,000 people did not put up with this and took to the streets against the new measures. They repeatedly shouted"We will piss off you" in response to Macron's statement. As with the numerous protests against the Corona measures before, it became clear that people have already lost trust in the government and the old state to a large extent. Many feel like second-class citizens, which was also intended in Macron's rhetoric when he said that unvaccinated people are unworthy of being citizens. One demonstrator clearly demanded that Macron should piss off drug dealers and criminals, but not average people. Others said that they were not at all against vaccination, but opposed compulsory vaccination for teenagers who were at low risk.
It may not be surprising that support for the demonstrators comes from all political camps of the bourgeois parties, except Macron's party. Three months before the next presidential election, they are also starting to beat their advertising drums and use the justified anger of the masses for their own purposes.