As the reactionary municipality elections in Finland are coming closer, the Maoist Committee in Finland has published a statement for the boycott of these reactionary bourgeois elections: ELECTIONS, NO! REVOLUTION, YES! Published on Punalippu it states that the more than 100-year old crisis of bourgeois democracy is deepening and as imperialism deteriorates, the consciousness of the masses increases.

More and more masses are boycotting the recent bourgeois elections and they call for a party to lead them to make revolution and it is up for the revolutionary forces to increase the consciousness of the masses to make a more conscious boycotting of the bourgeois elections. And not like the revisionists in Finland form an ideological shield around imperialism, disguising it’s true nature by encouraging participation in the elections by saying “People who are elected to regional councils will decide in the future how you get security when life hits. Therefore, in regional elections, it is worth standing on the nomination and vote.”

Punalippu reports that on December 22nd soldiers of Finnish Imperialism were attacked by the masses in Lebanon. The specific reason for the attack is unclear, but it’s reported that a threatening crowd of masses gathered around the Finnish soldiers who were on a patrol and blocked their way by force while attacking the Finnish soldiers. Five soldiers were injured and three vehicles were damaged and the soldiers only got out due to the aid of the Lebanese reactionary armed forces.




Tjen Folket reports that Bengt Fasteraune, a member of the Norwegian parliament and member of the ministry of defence and foreign affairs has stated it will be necessary to reform the Norwegian Home Guard and states because society has changed and the threat level is overwhelming and unpredictable.


The new reactionary government of Norway is preparing reforms to further militarize Norway. The proposed reforms will increase the members of the Norwegian Home Guard to 45.000 soldiers. The reactionary politician writes on the political platform of the government that “the difference between state and societal security will become less apparent and that they are both co-dependent.” The separation from the state and society is an old classical bourgeois liberal ideological and political theory. By negating this the government of Norway is moving towards a more Corporatism through it’s general militarization of it’s society.