Punalippu reports that on the Finnish day of Independance, where fascist demonstrations and ”white marches” traditionally have taken place. This year an illegal fascist demonstration took place and was greeted by proletarian revolutionaries who shouted the slogans; ”Death to fascism, freedom to the people!”, ”No peace to the fascists!” and ”International Solidarity! Proletarian Revolution!”.

Nordic report 12.12.21 Fi1

Later in the evening more than 1,500 people gathered in the streets of Helsinki to protests against fascism, which resulted in the police being forced to divert the route of annual white march, which is the first time in this millenium that Finnish anti-fascist forces has disrupted the fascist route. This is a success and shows a good development in struggle.

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On the occasion of Chairman Gonzalo's birthday on 3 December, proletarian revolutionaries carried out actions in different cities in Norway to honour him. In Oslo, a banner was hung from a bridge and a painting was made in a working class neighbourhood.

Nordic report 12.12.21 No2

Nordic report 12.12.21 No1

In Kristiansand, large posters with the picture of Chairman Gonzalo were put up.

Nordic report 12.12.21 No 3

A banner has also been hung in Trondheim.

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