A general strike took place in Martinique, which is located in the Caribbean but belongs to France, at the end of November. Different demands were made by the trade unions.

Among the strikers are oil refinery workers, prison guards, transport and education workers and fisheries workers. In the French Overseas Territory, as in France, the health passport and compulsory vaccinations against Corona have been introduced for health workers - the unions are demanding that this be lifted and that unvaccinated staff not be dismissed. Another important demand is to raise wages and support for taxi drivers and artists. Oil prices are also to be capped. In addition, free tests should be made available to the population to detect the after-effects of a pesticide that was used on banana plantations from the 1970s to the early 1990s, leading to the highest incidence of prostate cancer in the region. While the unions kept trying to appease the angry masses and focus on non-violent protests, the anger of the masses, similar to Guadeloupe, also erupted in barricades and fights in the streets, with witnesses saying they heard gunshots from the police.
The strike joins the people' uprisings in Guadeloupe, where the people rebelled against the state of emergency justified by the corona virus. More than 400,000 people rebelled when it became compulsory for employees to be vaccinated, which included fights with the police and France subsequently deploying special forces there.