According to recent studies, there are about10,000 underage prostitutes across France, a tenfold increase in the last five years, and the majority of them are around 15-year-old women.

Through 'social media' such as TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat, it often happens that the women post intimate pictures of themselves, which lead to them being ostracised at school, for example. In these moments, people reach out to the women and offer them attention, at the same time explicit offers would be made. And the business with the young women seems to be lucrative. The pimps would earn up to 1,500 euros with the victims. Once they have convinced the women, the pimps take care of all matters - from the first contact to the sometimes long journey to the customers. Along with the report, which was published recently, an investigation group was set up this summer to combat underage prostitution. 14 million euros were made available by the French government to get a grip on this phenomenon, which continued to grow during the state of emergency. But while young women keep telling their stories of suffering and violence, there are also positions within the underage prostitutes who see prostitution as a 'normal job' and a way to more wealth. The fact that many young people see prostitution as the only way out of their previous life into a better one also shows how desperate young people are today. Especially in times of economic crisis, which further reveals that there is no future for the youth in imperialism.