120 friends, family members, comrades and democratic activists gathered on October 13, 2021, in Sweden‘s Capitol Stockholm to salute and send off Turkish revolutionary Musa (Mustafa Yavuz). Throughout his life, Musa took firm position for the revolution, preserved his revolutionary personality throughout his life and acted according to his convictions:


He took part in the preparation of actions surrounding the 1st of May and in 1982 participated in a Tikko Guerilla Camp. He actively contributed to activities of the TKP/ML of which he was a candidate member for some time. Most recently, he supported the work of the editors of the Armenak-Documentary.


According to his life dedicated to the revolution in Turkey and his high regard to TKP/ML Founder and leader of the Turkish proletariat, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, Musa was laid to rest in a coffin, draped in the Flag of Partizan, and together with an Image of comrade Kaypakkaya.


Musa 1


Musa 2