Here we want publish an article that appeared on anti imperialst action

The Facebook page of the Socialist Republican Organisation Anti Imperialist Action Ireland has been again removed in an act of political censorship.

This is the 7th time in just four years that our page has been removed from the platform. Our crime? Remembering our patriot dead and providing unrepentant Socialist Republican analysis.

The removal of the latest AIA page comes just a short time after the removal of other Republican pages and just days after the removal of the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism page. While there is clearly a concerted effort by Facebook and the imperialist powers to remove Republican pages, such censorship will not stop the growth of Socialist Republicanism across Ireland or silence the Revolutionary Socialist Republican message.

Since Anti Imperialist Action Ireland was established four years ago, we have been building a vibrant, militant Revolutionary Socialist Republican organisation across the 32 counties of Ireland, dedicated to rebuilding the struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution under the leader of the Working class. The fruits of which are plain to be seen. Nothing will deter us from that work.

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