France did not only rely on their own forces in the Algerian War. In the war in which Algeria fought for its independence from France.

France was also supported by some 200,000 Algerians who, together with the French, tried to suppress the Algerian people. After Algeria formally became independent, the French troops left the country and simply left their Harkis, as the supporters were called. Only 42,000 of them were allowed into France, but in general France refused to let them stay. Of course, the response of the Algerian people was not long in coming. The Harkis were fought, partly liquidated and in many places expelled. To this day, the Harkis are despised by the Algerian people for their crimes against the people, politicians also speak out against them and in 2000 declared the Harkis undesirables in Algeria and compared them to Nazi collaborators. Even those who made it to France are resolutely excluded there by other foreigners.
Now, with presidential elections coming up in France next year, President Macron wants to finally make good on the promise that the Harkis will get better conditions to live in France, as they have long been demanding reparations. Macron agreed to these, but he did not yet name a concrete sum. But he asked the Harkis for forgiveness.
Incidentally, this is a gesture that the French government refuses to make to the Algerian people to this day, for the more than 100 years of occupation and the war against the Algerian national liberation movement.

Macron Hakri

Macron is speaking in front of the traitors