A manifestation was held in Tampere calling to support the campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, leaflets were distributed and a speech was held on the current situation at one of the central squares in Tampere, with a focus on the statement made by the Peru's Peoples Movement on the matter. All of this was complemented by signs hanged on a bridge in the city.



Now there is less than one month until the imperialists in Norway seek to renew their government through parliamentary elections. Tjen Folket Media reports on posters, paintings and a banner hanging in Oslo, Kristiansand and Trondheim, calling for boycotting the election with the slogans “Election no! Revolution yes!” and “Boycott the election!”. In Oslo a slogan painting calling to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo was seen on a wall in Vestli in the proletarian area of Groruddalen.



The comrades at Kommunistiska Föreningen report that recently banners were hanged in Trollhättan and Gothenburg with the slogans “Long Live Maoism” and “Long Live the LCP”, with a hammer and sickle in Trollhättan and “Support the Brazillian poor peasants struggle” in Gothenburg.