Slogans were seen inside the Blågården housing area, with the text “The Spring Rebellion of 2019 was justified!” and “Stop the evictions!”.

This is concurrent with the case of 16 people, from three households, who face eviction from their home, due to one member of each household being sentenced for participating in the Spring Rebellion in 2019.




On Monday the 9th, the police and bourgeois newspapers reported on an occasion when the police attempted to arrest 2 people in Mortensrud (a proletarian neighbourhood in Oslo), that 20-30 youths from the neighbourhood, attacked the police with stones and fought them with their knuckles. The police reported that they had to use batons to “get the situation under control”, but they were not able to make any arrests, only after reinforcements arrived were they able to arrest the two people they originally intended to arrest. This shows that a few dozen youths (reportedly all 15-20 years of age) armed only with stones, were able to expel a police patrol from the neighbourhood. Now the police claim they know the identities of some of the youths and will try to prosecute them, since they were not able to defeat them in direct struggle.

The main national-chauvanist party FRP (Fremskrittspartiet – Progress Party) in Norway is now sharpening its rhetoric for the upcoming parliamentary election, suggesting that certain areas to be designated as double-punishment zones, giving the example of designating the area around the central station in Oslo, and the boroughs in Groruddalen where one fifth of the inhabitants of Oslo live, where a large part of the proletarian neighbourhoods are concentrated, and where many migrants live. These plans are imported directly from Denmark, where the social-democrats have taken the lead of openly national-chauvanist attacks on the masses during the current government, here the double-punishment zones have already been introduced as a tool of oppression.

The FRP has made this really clear, back in 2018 they praised the escalating attacks on the proletarian neighbourhoods, that are mainly concretized in the “ghetto-laws”:

“The Danish have bigger problems than us (…) it is not yet relevant for us to go so far as to demolish neighbourhoods and initiate double punishment for crimes committed in, or close to, the ghettos. We are not there yet, but it is only a question of time before we are there” (Aftonposten 26/04/2018)

And so now we see how the FRP sees that the time is right to launch this attack, in an attempt to further split the working class along nationality, but this is also in fact also a disguise, the blunt of the blow is given to the masses from oppressed nations, but also those of Norwegian nationality are also attacked, the bourgeoisie just hopes that as many as possible will be duped into thinking that the bourgeoisie is not the main enemy, but people from oppressed nations. The FRP makes this point very clear when describing which areas should be selected for double-punishment zones: “Places with a high degree of immigrants and places with a high degree of crime”, just like in Denmark, not just crime counts, a high degree of immigrants in and of itself is considered grounds for arbitrarily harsher punishments.



KA 1

The minister for finance and domestic affairs in the Greenlandic administration, Asii Chemnitz Narup, from the party Inuit Ataqatigiit, has presented the governments budget proposal for 2022, what she stresses is that 60% of the state income are subsidies from Denmark and the EU (55% from Denmark and 5% from the EU), and therefore the plans for further independence has to be postponed until more revenue is found. This is from the party that promised that it would begin steps for further independence, but now that the election is over, they are backtracking on grounds of “independence on a realistic foundation”, the other and smaller party in the government, Naleraq, has stated that it is possible to go further with independence, because it is possible to gain independence and still retain the subsidies from Denmark. This is hogwash, since independence can of course never be attained, while being so directly economically bound to an imperialist country. These politicians are not representatives of the Greenlandic people, they are simply the local lackeys of Danish imperialism, who sometimes flirt with other imperialists to weigh out the possibilities in selling their country to the highest bidder.




The city of Gothenburg is looking into increasing its number of municipal order guards, to supplement the presence of police in certain designated areas. They already have a permanent presence in many places, but now wishes to expand this on Järntorget and the streets leading into the adjacent neighbourhoods. These guards usually are armed with batons and handcuffs, but can also in certain situations have dogs and firearms, and are increasingly deployed, encouraged by the police. The line between the police and the order guards is blurring, with the order guards taking over more and more of the responsibilities of police.