Counter-demonstrations against fascist groups were held, in Oslo, Stavanger and Kristiansand.

In Kristiansand and Oslo, the counter-demonstrators were able to disrupt the fascists and show that they can expect resistance, even if the reactionary state does everything to protect them, in Oslo the counter-demonstration turned into a spontaneous demonstration, showing that the masses not only want to condemn the reactionaries, but want to march onwards to build a better society.
In Stavanger the police had prepared barriers to hold back the counter-demonstrators, but several times the barrier was broken, and the police used tear gas as a response. The police clearly were colluding with the fascists, as the police defence of the facists, was coordinated to fulfill the concrete political plans of the fascists, and not just as a response to the demonstrators, for example increasing defences prior to the fascists burning the Qur’an. The police made it very clear what they mean when they talk of “defending freedom of speech”, when they take a red flag from one of the counter-protesters, while allocating great resources to defend a handful of fascists so they can freely spread their imperialist-chauvinist propaganda.

As is classic in the Nordic “welfare” states, the reaction first and foremost tries to bribe the masses with various means and post facets of itself as “progressive”, as to try to hold back any class struggle and to try and fool the masses into thinking that a solution can be found within the bourgeois state. They use social-workers who are recruited from the proletarian neighborhoods, to be the relatable face of the state in their roles and links between the police or the municipal administration (both instruments of the bourgeoisie) and the masses in the proletarian neighborhoods, in order to spread ideas of pacifism and cooperation with the state.

In Kristiansand it has been described by the struggle committee that there was arranged free public concerts and free food, in order to lure people away from the counter-demonstration. At the square itself the state uses its tactic of first “welfare carrot”, then “welfare stick”. Around 50 municipal employees and unpaid volunteers were at the square of the counter-demonstration, and tried one last time to lure people away. And if free concerts and food is not enough to persuade you to abandon struggling, the police was also present with dogs and unmanned drones, to make the passive threat from the social-workers, more concrete. This clearly shows how every part of the rotten bourgeois state, rallies together to try and halt any resistance, betting on all its tired horses, whatever works to hold back rebellion. So what they end up doing more and more, is exposing the class-character of the imperialist Norwegian state.



In a proletarian neighborhood in Copenhagen, three families are facing eviction, because one of their family members were convicted of crimes, because they fought against the police in the Easter Rebellion of 2019, which began as struggles against a national-chauvanist provocateur.
The rebellion was justified and the masses built barricades and fought against the police for many hours, but now entire families are also being punished by being evicted from their home, a decision taken not by the courts, but by the housing organisation. Protest have been made in support of the three families, and various legal challenges are being put forward to stop it, but the courts have made it clear that it is legal to evict an entire family, if just one resident has been convicted of a crime.
This move is both part of the general attack on the proletarian neighborhoods being waged in Denmark and an attack on the right to rebel, using arbitrary and collective punishment against the whole family, showing the cowardice of the reaction, they know that the masses are not deterred by their repression, so they attack their families instead.