As reported there were actions made around the FRG on Nakba day.


There were different actions made in the lead up to the Nakba day. Including several demonstrations and manifestations, one of which led to fights with police. It resulted in 16 injured officers, 10 arrests and preliminary proceedings, after around 900 participants had gathered on the Hermannplatz in Berlin-Neukölln and were attacked by police. The justification used was a prevention of infection. This justification has regularly been used to end or attack demonstrations, increasingly so in the last months, including the first of may demonstration.

Palästinademo 8.05.2021

On Nakba day itself there were 3 demonstrations announced, each with 80-250 announced participants. These numbers were vastly exeded by the actual demonstrations. The biggest of these in Berlin-Neukölln, a quarter with a high migrant population, had several thousand demonstrators, 3500 according to police and burgeois media. A second demonstration from Berlin-Kreuzberg to Berlin-Neukölln also had over 2500 demonstrators.

The demonstration in Berlin-Neukölln was attacked by police not long after it started. The justification once again was protection against infection. But in the begining the police where overwhelmed by the amount of demonstrators and their restitance. The demonstrators grabbed and used anything they could find to protect and defend themselves. Police where hit with everything from bottles, to firecrackers, to platic boxes normally used by the shops on the side of the road. This led to long fights ove the street. The police selectivly beat and arrested some demonstrators and widely used pepperspray against everyone present. These skirmishes went on for hours, but the police eventually succeeded in pushing the demonstrators back towards the starting point of the demonstration and dispersing them. The fights resulted in 93 injured officers and 53 arrests, during at least one the police knocked out a demonstrator. The Chief of Police Barbara Slowik later said, that the situation was too complex, when members members of the Berlin parlament openly asked for more police violence. When asked about the potential use of water cannons, she said that it would not have been fitting to use them, implying that they would only have increased the solidarity of the neighbors and spectators.

Nakba Demonstration 2021 Berlin 5

Nakba Demonstration 2021 Berlin 4

Nakba Demonstration 2021 Berlin 6

A group of communists activists also partycipated in the demonstration with a banner and several flags. They handed out flyers denouncing isreal and including the declaration of the RFK about the threats against the LCP and  distrubuted the "Rote Post"-magazine, which were gladly taken by the demonstrators. After one of the flags fell to the ground during an attack by the police the masses quickly picked it back up and carried it on. Some demonstrators even asked for flags with a hammer and sickle to carry themselves.

Nakba Demonstration 2021 Berlin 2

Nakba Demonstration 2021 Berlin 1

Nakba Demonstration 2021 Berlin 3

The tendency of the bourgeois media to denounce any actions in solidarity with palastine as "anti-semitic", were clearly seen in the aftermath of the demonstrations. Nearly every big newspaper in Berlin talked about A "hate-demonstration" by "antisemites". In the comments of these posts many even called for the deportation of every demonstrator or person who spoke out against Israel.