Pro-palestinian demonstrations were held in multiple Swedish cities, despite the restrictions of only eight people being allowed to gather in public. In Malmö a demonstration with around 100 people marched from Möllevångstorget to Gustaf Adolfs Torg. In Karlstad at Store Torg around 70 people demonstrated, less than an hour into the demonstration the police claimed that the demonstration lacked ”order” and demanded it disbanded. The police has expressed an intention to criminally charge those who organised the demonstration. In Växjö around 200 people were gathered at a demonstration and the police had a large presence, but didn’t attempt to disband the demonstration, even though the police stated that it was an illegal gathering.

In Gothenburg a car and bicycle parade drove through the city. In Stockholm multiple gatherings were made, including one that was disbanded by the police.

The paper production company Stora Enso, has annonced the firing 440 workers from its factory in Borlänge, and an additional 670 workers in the factory located in Kemi, Finland. The comrades at kommunisten.nu calls for the workers in Kemi and Borlänge to unite in the fight against Stora Enso.

Also the comrades report on the police harrasment of youths in the proletarian neighborhoods of Stockholm, and that a clip has been made public showing police attaking a man in Rinkeby.



A pro-palestine demonstration was held in Copenhagen with about 4000 demonstrators. The demonstration marched to the Israelian Embassy where stones and fireworks were thrown at the embassy, the police used this as a pretext to attack the demonstration, throwing tear-gas at the masses, including many children and elderly, and a pregnant woman ended up going to the hospital. The demonstration moved away from the tear-gas and the police pursued it onto the train tracks, stopping the train line north of Copenhagen for several hours. Several police cars were damaged.



Oslo hundreds of people demonstrated in front of the embassy of Israel, slogans such as ”Boycot Israel – Free Palestine!” were yelled, according to Tjen Folket Media. The organisors tried to disband the demonstration, but the people stayed at the demonstration.



The new foreign minister of the USA, Anthony Blinken, will very shortly visit Greenland the 20th of May, going to the airport village of Kangerlussuaq for five hours, as a short detour from his visit to the Arctic Council meeting in Reykjavik in Iceland. The new leader of the Naalakkersuisut (The Greenlandic Parliament), Múte B. Egede will meet him there to discuss ”cooperation and investments”.

The hospital portors in the largest settlement of Nuuk made a four hour strike on Friday, to hold a workers meeting instead, only assisting in life-threatening sitations. The workers are striking because of a too high work load and too few hospital portors. The Hospital and the union tried to halt the strike, since it is illegal under Danish and Greenlandic law to strike outside official ”three-party negotiations”, but the workers persisted in demanding better working conditions.