On the 21st of April, the reactionary magazine "Valeurs Actuelles" published a letter warning of a coming civil war in France.

Signed by nearly 8000 active and retired military personnel, the letter was published on the 60th anniversary of the attempted "Coup d'état of Algeria", when French soldiers resisted France "leaving" Algeria. The letter warns French President Macron that France would be plunged into chaos and that it must be saved from a civil war fomented by "fanatical partisans" to further divide France. The problem, it said, was the influence of "left-wing dogmas" that were ensuring that "hordes of Islamists" were on the move in the banlieues, ensuring that these parts were separating themselves from the "nation and turning it into a territory subject to dogmas that contradict our constitution". If action was not taken, the situation would explode, there was "no time to waffle" and they declared their readiness to support politicians who were concerned about the security of the nation.
Many of the main initiators have links to fascist and reactionary movements in France, even though the chief of staff of the bourgeois army likes to deny that there is any radicalisation in this direction in the army. After all, many of the signatories have not been in service for years, he said.
But this letter also does its job, for example, the reactionary Marion Maréchal-Le Pen now demanded that soldiers should be more involved in public debates - one more step towards the militarisation of society and this about one year before the presidential election.
Now another letter has been published in which the signatories pretend to be active soldiers. This letter writes: "We see violence in our cities and villages. We see communitarianism taking hold in the public space, in public debate. We see hatred of France and its history becoming the norm" and "A civil war is brewing in France and you know it very well", going on to say that if there were riots, the military would "impose order on its own soil".