At this point we are pleased to draw attention to a new solidarity committee from France.

The Comité Nouveau Brésil -Defendre et Diffuser les Luttes Populaires au Brésil (in English: Committee New Brazil - Defending and Sharing the Struggles of the Brazilian People) describes itself as follows:
"The New Brazil Committee aims to make known this people and its great culture, to defend the struggles of the Brazilian people for their democratic and popular rights, but more broadly, it mobilises for the establishment of a newly democratic regime, the only one capable of transforming "O Gigante", emancipating the masses and developing the nation.
A truly democratic Brazil, free from foreign control, will revolutionise Latin America and the world".
On the homepage you can find texts on the situation of the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil as well as translations. In particular, we would like to draw attention to a video of the activists, which was published on Youtube and shows them carrying out an action at the Brazilian consulate in Lyon. The website La Cause du Peuple writes about this:
"In Lyon, activists of this committee organised an action in front of the Brazilian Honorary Consulate to denounce the reactionary campaign of the governor of the state of Rondônia in western Brazil against revolutionary peasants. With this action, the activists wanted to denounce the two main perpetrators of this repression, the governor of the state of Rondônia and colonel of the military police, Marcos Rocha, and the Minister of Security, Cisneiro Pacha, called the "Butcher of Santa Elina" because of his role in the massacre committed on the Santa Elina farm in 1995."