With the "Wieger", the GDR produced an assault rifle based on Kalashnikov, which was supposed to serve the procurement of foreign currency. For this purpose, the GDR deliberately relied on the NATO caliber of the imperialists and their lackeys.

The rifle was developed in Wiesa on behalf of the Foreign Trade Department starting in 1986. The name "Wieger" stands for Wiesa Germany. The weapon was reconstructed in a roundabout way to circumvent USSR export bans on AKs.


As early as 1988, the first sales contracts for several thousand pieces each were negotiated. Of all things with the old Peruvian and Indian states. So they were to be used against peoples who at that time were fighting with people's war for their liberation from imperialism, or were developing the struggle in that direction. The weapons were to be delivered on credit, which was to be repaid with interest by exporting metals to the GDR. The planned sale is nothing else than another big crime of revisionism against the world revolution.

Waffenliefungsvertrag Peru DDR 2

Waffenliefungsvertrag Peru DDR 1

The Pictures show parts of the contract between the GDR and Peru over 10.000 weapons and 6million pieces of ammunition.

The annexation of the GDR rendered the supply contracts null and void, but the FRG still paid over 100 million euros in contractual penalties. The plans and already produced rifles were put under lock and key by the secret service BND. However, they were actually removed just after the "VEB" was bought up by a company with CIA connections. A few years later, the Wieger resurfaced slightly modified in the USA.