The evening of the 16. of January, about a dozen policemen went to a proletarian neighborhood in Elsinore, some of them with helmets and rifles. Why? Because there was reports of 10 youths creating an “unsafe atmosphere”.

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The police claims the reason for sending multiple units and the high level of arming, was because the youths may have some connection to the current “gang war”.

The responsible police officer stated: “We succeeded in apprehending 10 persons in total. They were administrative deprived of their liberty for committing behavior making others feel unsafe”. In the end none of them were charged with a crime. This happened in the neighborhood Nøjsomhed, where around half of residents have been told they will be evicted, due to the “Ghetto-law”, so this police harassment, further proves that this is part of an all-round attack on the proletarian neighborhoods.

So that is the tactic: first the police makes a show of force to intimidate, then they register your information for future use, then they apprehend you to further harass you, but in the end you are charged with no crime, so the police avoids any involvement from the courts. Typical sneaky method used to avoid attention and responsibility, so to enable the division of the masses, where for some this is an everyday occurrence and everyone knows the role of the police, while others rarely experience interaction with the police and don’t hear about it when it happens to others.

This is the new concept of making it illegal to commit “behavior making others feel unsafe” (utryghedsskabende adfærd), which means not necessarily being unsafe, but feeling unsafe. So the crime is not putting someone in a dangerous situation or making threats, but the subjective opinion that a person or a group of people have behavior that makes you feel unsafe.

This law plays an important role in the offensive of the state against proletarian youths, mainly immigrants. Making the very act of hanging out on the streets effectively illegal. These new laws, of course, only applies when the police decides that those youths make others “feel unsafe”, then you can take a guess at who will be affected by the law.


In Norway comrades in Trondheim and Bergen made actions for the anniversary of the initiation of the Peoples War in the Philipines.

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