Since the 1990s there has been a "tradition" in working class neighbourhoods in France of setting cars on fire. Especially in the years when there were fights with the police, this also became a common part of the struggle of the masses there. This year, when the bourgeoisie tried to stop the masses from fighting by imposing curfews, which also applied on New Year's Eve, again many cars were set on fire all over France. Among others in Strasbourg where dozens of cars were set on fire and clashes with the police took place, injuring many policemen and arresting 40 people, including minors.


The attempt to suppress the rebellion of the masses simply does not work in France, which has also become clear in the past months with the many protests and struggles. Accordingly, the revolutionaries of the Jeunes Révolutionnaires are not deterred from their work. In the days around Christmas, the comrades put up banners. One of them in a neighbourhood in Saint-Étienne, with the slogan "Against ceasefire in the class struggle!". In Lyon, a banner was hung on a factory reading "Who is essential? Workers, Let's take power!". In their statements, the comrades wrote among other things:

"Let's organise, let's take the power! Down with capitalism and the bourgeoisie! No ceasefire in the class struggle! Join the struggling youth!"