The Norwegian Military is increasing its military presence in Northern Norway and the incresing hegemony of yankee-imperialism, is also making Norwegian imperialism closen its ties with the USA, and allow it to have a ever-increasing military presence in Norway, especially Northern Norway, where there is a direct border with Russia.

Tjen Folket Media writes:

The 27. of november the government agreed to the Report of the northern terretories which presents the governments policy in the northern terretories in the coming years and in this the northern terretories are defined as Norways most important strategic area of responsibility. In the report the economy and demography in Northern Norway as a ”national matter” of ”straAtegic importance for the whole country”. (…) The northern terretories and Northern Norway again has an acheived a higher strategic significance due to the increasing tension between the USA and Russia. Aditionally the climate change is creating change, because the melting of the ice is creating new routes for vessels between Asia and Europe, through the Arctic and via Nordic waters


Grafitti in Turku has been seen on occation of Chairman Mao Tse-Tungs birthday.

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In Denmark a new agreement with the police and state attorney office has been made.

The main aspect is hiring 450 new policemen in the years 2021-2023, which will bring the total number to a historic high of 11.700, as well as purchase of new projectile weapons.

Surveillance is also a big focus, with 300 new surveillance cameras to make ”citizens feel safe”, with focus on surveillance of proletarian neighborhoods. Also 217 new automatic licence plate scanners and drones to be used for the ”temporary” border control. The automatic licence plate scanners will for example be used to identify if suspects are on the way towards the border.

Also the role of the courts is being reduced. Firstly the possibility of punishment without trial, is being introduced in cases of confession. For now this will be applied to cases of money laundering done by banks, but this opens the door in the direction of coerced or forced confessions such as it is known from the USA and Japan. Secondly an ”independent commission” will make an assessment of why courts in general give less severe punishments, than the law allows. Which goes against the wishes of the parliament to be, ”tough on crime” and give ”justice to the victims”.

What has been showcased mostly in bourgeois media is the creation of local police stations, in 20 municipalities, both places that have a long distance to the nearest police station and to increase police presence in proletarian neighborhoods. The local stations will only be staffed with about five policemen each and so has limited ability of investigation and therefore has a more strategic effect of increasing the presence of police in everyday life. Also part of this strategy is to allow municipalities to hire guards to patrol the streets, to keep law and order and use ”new technologies” (probably unmanned surveillance drones).

Also the increase of funding of police on Greenland and Faroe Islands, to bring them up to ”danish standards”, has been announced.


In Sweden the union bureaucrats and employer-organizations (representatives of imperialist bourgeoisie) are crying out, because the European Union wants to undermine the “Swedish-model”, in favor of state minimum wages. Of course European Union, is not progressive and this minimum wage law is pathetic to say the least and tries to undermine further the ability for the proletariat to organize, and suppress wages even further. But why would the imperialists not want the wages and working conditions, being in control of their state? Because they already have good control over the unions, and the bureaucratat the top of the unions, is no different to the politician in parliament: with whatever means necessary defend Swedish imperialism and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, to get crumbs from the plate of the imperialists.

So firstly the imperialists like this so-called “Swedish-model”, because they can keep up the illusion that the unions are at the control of the workers and it makes it possible to selectively bribe certain sections of the working class with slightly better conditions, in order to prevent to proletariat to organize as a class. And so the deepest and broadest masses, for example cleaning workers, can be paid an astoundingly low wage, because “they are not smart enough to unionize” the social-chauvinist union leadership will claim. But in fact these masses usually come from oppressed nations, so don’t speak Swedish, the unions don’t really care for them and they often have no job-security, so they know very well that if they get into contact with a union, they will never be hired again.

And so the “Swedish-model” is in fact a model for splitting the working class, trying to give the idea that the proletariat can only win victories by fighting for the spoils, but that the surplus-value of the bourgeoisie is untouchable. So these pathetic initiatives of the European Union should of course be rejected, but to think that the “Swedish-model”, that the union bureaucrats and employer-organizations cherish so much, is something to be defended, is wrong. The masses are increasingly rebelling against this system, rejecting the lies of the corrupt labor-bureaucrats and aiming directly

for the bourgeoisie with strikes and other actions, and so the tasks is to organize the workplace struggles under the leadership of the entire class, to aim towards the political power.


A report has been released in Denmark, showing that children born in Greenland who live in Denmark, are seven times as likely to be removed from their parents, at around 7%, that means around one in fourteen children.