Comrades at Tjen Folket Media (Serve the People Media) report that actions have been made in Oslo, Trondheim and Tønsberg, in commemoration of the 97 year anniversary of the Communist Party of Norway on the 4. of November. Banners were raised with the slogan “RECONSTITUTE THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF NORWAY”, and paintings were made with the slogan. The struggle for the Party in Norway was connected to the international struggles of the proletariat for its vanguard in every country, by honoring the fallen comrade Joselo from the Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun, whose life is of great inspiration for proletarian revolutionaries the world over.

Also there is an article writing on the plans of Yankee-Imperialism to establish a network of “mobile” marine bases in the northern parts of Norway. The purpose is to intensify capacities for Anti-Submarine Warfare, mainly against Russian Imperialism, since the strategic focus is on controlling the two naval accessways to the Atlantic (the other being the Baltic). The Atlantic is considered the cohesive element ensuring the strategic axis of Yankee-Imperialism, in logistical and military support. The Norwegian government seems to be agreeing to this new measure, which is a supplement to the current permanent stationed Yankee military personnel.



Comrades at Punalippu (Red Flag) report that actions commemorating the Great Socialist October Revolution has been observed in Tampere and Turku.




Comrades at Kommunistiska Föreningen (Communist League) writes on the housing struggles in the Solna district of Stockholm, where the “public housing” organization want to raise the rent by 60%, with the excuse of financing necessary utility work, but also expensive renovations of floors, kitchens and bathrooms, which the residents do not want. It clearly shows that state sponsored housing schemes, also use the same anti-masses policies in order to raise exploitation and make it even more difficult to find a place to live in Stockholm. This housing only exists as a result of class-struggle and so class-struggle can be the only answer to these horrible measures.



Comrades at Socialistisk Revolution (Socialist Revolution) report that the 101 year anniversary of the Communist Party of Denmark took place on the 9. of November and posted an article on the good proletarian author Martin Andersen Nexø.

Also it is written on the current strike of garbage workers in Greater Copenhagen, which started because the employer is refusing to recognize their choice of union representative. This clearly shows that the workers are going against the current union system, where the State, the employers and the social-democratic unions (lead by union bureaucrats), “cooperate” to improve the wages and conditions of the workers, this means that only when the agreements of these three parties are broken, are the workers “allowed” to strike. So it is good that the workers are striking, even if the unions are condemning it and it is considered a crime, and they are persisting to demand their right to strike and have the right to organize themselves.