Expressing solidarity with the struggle of the Brazilian people against the recent budget cuts by the current government of Bolsonaro and the yoke of imperialism, comrades from Austin painted a wall painting that was taken up by Incendiary News today as an occasion to report on the latest scandal in the continuously simmering political crisis in the country. We mirror their article here:

AUSTIN: Solidarity With People’s Struggle in Brazil

The following images were received from Austin today in solidarity with the people’s struggle in Brazil. The red paint on the wall reads, “Down with Bolsonaro and US Imperialism / Support the Struggle in Brasil” with a hammer and sickle.

Austin Support Wall Painting 0507 2

Fascist Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro made the news recently when a sergeant who was accompanying him to the imperialist G20 summit in Japan was caught attempting to smuggle 39 kilograms of cocaine in Spain. The controversy is only the latest for Bolsonaro’s administration, which has raised the ire of the Brazilian people with its reactionary policies, such as cuts to social security and education.

Last month, upwards of 45 million people participated in a general strike against the government in protest of these cuts and other reactionary measures across 350 cities.

The people’s struggle in Brazil extends beyond the cities as well, where a large peasant movement continues to broaden and win victories. Earlier this year, the peasants of the Renato Nathan Revolutionary Area were able to secure electricity for themselves as part of the greater Agrarian Revolution in the region.