On Saturday the 2nd of February the well-known revisionist bunch of the Trotskyist World Workers Party (WWP) together with the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) were spreading their revisionist Propaganda in a Manifestation in Southeast Austin, when they were confronted by revolutionary militants of this Neighborhood.
Incendiary News Reports:
Masked revolutionaries, who outnumbered the revisionists, gave a list of demands to the lead organizer of the WWP in Austin, “Enoch,” the former leader of Central Texas Socialist Rifle Association.
The demands read: “1. that you make a public acknowledgment and apology for the fact that you [Enoch] worked with a federal informant, 2. we also demand that you have members of PSL leave this protest, 3. we also demand that you put away all WWP propaganda or it will be taken from you.”
A Chicano militant could be heard saying, “Will you meet these demands? If you do not meet these demands, we will have to ask you to leave.”
Instead of heading the advice and leaving the neighborhood hostile to revisionists, said lead organizer attempted to ridicule the revolutionary militants, who, without hesitation, confiscated the propaganda materials like posters, leaflets and a megaphone and later destroyed them as the video on the actions documents.