We publish an inofficial translation of an article by the Mexican website Sol Rojista that was sent to us.

The reaction is unleashed, the paramilitary and criminal groups are on the hunt and it is part of the counter-insurgency strategy of the old state to impose anti-people policies and governments, as well as imperialist megaprojects of dispossession and death. In one week the latifundia and its armed groups have claimed the lives of two activists of the peasant movement. On the 26th of October, Filogonio Martínez Merino, former municipal agent of Paso de la Reina, opponent of the hydroelectric dam in the Cuenca del Río Verde on the Oaxacan coast and member of the Council of Peoples United for the Defence of the Río Verde (Copudever), was shot dead; according to witnesses, an armed group intercepted him in the village of Piedra Blanca, attacking him with high-powered weapons. One day later, on the 27th of October, our comrade Jesús Manuel García Martínez "Chu Pau", a community member from Santa Cruz Tagolaba, opponent of the imposition of the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (CIIT) and member of the Current of the People - Red Sun, was assassinated; the events took place at approximately 22:05hrs when an armed commando arrived at the home of comrade Erick Sánchez Gutiérrez, regional leader of Sol Rojo, opening fire on both comrades; there "Chu Pau" lost his life, and Erick was seriously wounded. In response to these events, mobilisations by the peasant movement are expected.