In the following we publish a translation of an article by the democratic Brazilian Newspaper A Nova Democracia that was sent to us.

Peru: Constitutional Court orders the genocidal Fujimori to be freed


In the picture, from left to right: People protest against the La Cantuta massacre, committed during Fujimori's regime. Photo: Reproduction/ Police repressing a popular protest against the La Cantuta massacre. Photo: Reproduction/ Body of a citizen being carried after the Barrios Altos massacre. Photo: Reproduction/ Funeral march of thousands of masses after the Barrios Altos massacre. Photo: Reproduction/ Alberto Fujimori salutes Nicolás Hermoza Ríos during Armed Forces Day at the Army Headquarters. Photo: Lino Chipana/ Archivo GEC

The Constitutional Court of Peru (TC), in collusion with all the institutions of the old Peruvian state, ordered on the 17th of March the release of the former fascist and genocidal president Alberto Fujimori.

The TC restored the effects of Supreme Resolution 281-2017-JUS of the 24th of December 2017, which granted the humanitarian pardon and ordered Fujimori's release. This is the second time he has been granted his freedom. In December 2017, through the humanitarian pardon that has now been reinstated, he left prison, but a year later had to return to prison after the judiciary annulled the presidential pardon.

As the Association of New Democracy - Germany states, the fascist, genocidal and sell-out Fujimori will be released in a few days after spending 15 years protected in various places that, more than places for the genocidal man to pay for the crimes committed against the Peruvian people, were real luxury hotels and clinics, like "the prison" of the National Directorate of Special Police Operations, a room of 800 square metres from where with all the comforts and luxuries he continued to lead his party (Força Popular FP) and his family and social activities, receiving hundreds of visitors. This situation became even more favourable for Fujimori under the reactionary government headed by the opportunist Pedro Castillo.

The Association denounces that Fujimori's trial was carried out by the Public Ministry and a Court appointed specifically for the case, that is to say, a farce. Moreover, the sentence of "crimes against humanity" for the crimes of La Cantuta and Barrio Altos, was not applied.

The former president of the judiciary, the revisionist Duberlí Rodriguez, declared at the time that the court did not convict former President Fujimori for "crimes against humanity", but simply for the common typified crimes of murder, etc.

This was not because of a simple procedural error, as was justified by the highest instances of the judiciary, but because his sentence had long been premeditated and planned by Yankee imperialism as early as 2000, at the so-called Round Table of the Organisation of American States (OAS). Prosecutors and judges were handpicked. Their names and resumes from their judicial careers were listed there so that they could be chosen.

If there was any flaw in the process to convict him of a crime against humanity, until the sentence was confirmed, the prosecutor could have been ordered to adjust the indictment according to what was in the case file, without further delay. This should have been done by the judges, but as they did not do so, they were leaving the way open for Fujimori's release at the most convenient moment and under the most convenient circumstances.

Although Fujimori had not been convicted of a crime against humanity, the spectacle mounted by the monopoly, the NGOs, and the presence of so-called "human rights" lawyers implied to the masses that he had been. Having been a manoeuvre by the whole reaction to, in the end, get Fujimori off the hook for all his crimes.

"The farce of the trial for 'violation of humanity' against this genocidaire, the farce of conviction for 'violation of humanity', the farce of the mass media, the farce of the 'human rights' lawyers, the farce of the NGOs and the complicity of the revisionist and capitulationist lawyers and rats of the ROL [Right Opportunist Line] led to confusion and lied to the relatives of the heroes of the people," says the New Democracy Association.

The role of the opportunist genocidal Pedro Castillo

The opportunist Pedro Castillo rushed to social networks to pretend to be shocked by the decision of Fujimori's release. However, the Association of New Democracy points out that the time and circumstances are right and chosen by the reaction: the second impeachment process against Pedro Castillo Terrones, which was not approved.

"So the 'sentence of the TC', cooked and kept for a long time, is released and he has to assume it because this is what those who command and puppetize him [ruling classes] impose on him, this is what imperialism, the big bourgeoisie with the service of opportunism and revisionism of every guise put him there for. This genocidal damned opportunist is now assuming the head of this old state of oppression to 'legitimize' the pardon for his genocidal counterpart Fujimori, just as in September, with deep reactionary class hatred, he assumed the consummation of the execution of Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist of the present time", they affirm.

Finally, the Association of New Democracy declares that only the people with the People's War will do justice to the people and punish their executioners and genocidaires.

The crimes of Fujimori

In his counter-revolutionary frenzy - which was trying to put an end to the heroic People's War in Peru, led by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP), already in strategic equilibrium - the fascist and genocidal president Alberto Fujimori, after applying a self-coup in 1992, headed the old Peruvian state.

Implementing the plans of US imperialism to try at any cost to defeat the People's War, Fujimori managed and promoted countless paramilitary groups of mercenaries and torturers of the people, such as the so-called "rondas campesinas" (in which Pedro Castillo, the current president, participated) and the Colina Group, famous for its brutalities and direct links with the Peruvian army. These reactionary groups subjected the Peruvian masses to all kinds of state terror, from kidnappings, torture and massacres.

One of the massacres promoted by Fujimori was the massacre of Barrios Altos, a slum of Lima in 1991. In this terrible event, agents of the Colina Group invaded a popular party that was taking place in a family house and shot dozens of people. Fifteen people died, including an eight-year-old child, and four people were wounded. The justification for the massacre was that there were PCP militants there.

The La Cantuta massacre (1992), also in Lima, was committed against a university professor and nine students from the Enrique Guzmán y Valle National University of Education in Lima, all of whom were kidnapped and disappeared. The justification was also said to have been that the students and professor were militants at the university with a long history of popular struggle, due to the struggle of the student masses.

The genocidal Fujimori was convicted neither for these nor for the many other crimes against humanity he committed and directed, crimes against the people that were not even mentioned by the reactionary court as such, but rather as simply "murder". The reactionary justice system in Peru also ignores the murders of at least 52 PCP prisoners of war in prisons, other hundreds of massacres committed by the Colina Group (like the one in Pativilca), the forced sterilisation of 272,000 women and 21,000 men of the people, seen as generators of new guerrillas, among many others.

It was also under the Fujimori government that Dr Abimael Guzmán Reynoso, Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Communist Party of Peru and of the Peruvian Revolution, recognised as such and loved by the Peruvian masses, was arrested.