On July 20, in Colombia, there were mobilizations throughout the country to which comrades made a video that we want to draw attention to.

Throughout the country, after several weeks of decline in mobilizations, there was once again a massive mobilization to take to the streets on the day that celebrates the "independence" of Colombia.

July 20 is a traditional date to officially commemorate the wars of independence that liberated this country from the Spanish colonial yoke and in which many masses lost their lives.

. . .2021, the most militant sections of these popular masses, which today include students and workers, took to the streets en masse to challenge this supposed independence and actively demonstrate the need for true emancipation of the nation.

In the middle of the march there were revolutionary actions such as anti-imperialist paintings denouncing the semi-colonial state of the country and the social classes responsible for it, calling on the people to rebel against the foreign yoke.

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