Democratic organizations stood up against the 4th report of the governor of the entity, Alejandro Murat Hinojosa (PRI), which was made in the face of the absolute complacency, silence and complicity of the wrongly named "parliamentary opposition" (MORENA), as well as the reformist, opportunist and revisionist formations that kept their silence in the streets.

The Popular Democratic Front, the International Network of Indigenous Oaxacans and the Red Sun People's Current held an important rally in the palace of ignominy (the government palace) accompanied by a press conference in which they stood out: "The ascendancy to militarization that we see in the streets, does not obey the security or care of our citizens, but for the purpose of repression... in the midst of the calm discourse of "progress" that seeks to embellish the megaprojects, the peoples, the communities and popular neighborhoods have not had access to basic infrastructure works, the resources of the community administrations have been bureaucratized, cancelled or will return to the federation as "not exercised" to create a revolving fund in order to finance those same mega-projects or to reinforce the electoral agenda of 2021... There is no solution in the hands of those who hold power today, our future depends on us" .., the same organizations carried out an important road block at the accesses to the Port of Salina Cruz, a site that represents the starting point of the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the mega-project of the six-year term in Oaxaca that is shared by the PRI, MORENA and all the parties of the regime.